Q City

Q City
Quinn Property
Development Management
150,000 sqm

Q City is a 150,000sqm commercial precinct of two buildings, with floor plates ranging from 2,000 to 8,000 sqm each, developed to support the burgeoning tech Industry in the largest technology corridor in Hyderabad.

The site posed challenges requiring extensive sheetrock excavation to create 2 levels of 20,000sqm basement levels: with adjacent live residential communities and the largest Microsoft workplace outside the USA. This was mitigated by a site sensitive design response and complex excavation methodology. The super structure featured extensive semi unitised glazing systems designed to withstand significant wind pressures in a dry arid region.

The project was successfully sold to a occupant -owner meeting Developer targets, also winning the 2009 CBNC Asia Pacific Awards forthe “Best Commercial Development India” in 2009.

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Key Outcomes:

  • Design & Authority management to achieve an efficient and elegant floor plate that met workplace utilisation, parking grid, natural light and floor space index targets.
  • Collaborative partnership with the Construction Manager to ensure design documentation delivery to procurement and construction standards; measured by minimal construction stage Information Requests and Notices of Delay