Does Scale Matter? Exploring the Impact on Success and Beyond


Does Scale Matter? Exploring the Impact on Success and Beyond

Let’s talk about two projects…


Project 01 is a workplace for 15 people in Tasmania.

Upon lease expiry and due to limited stock in the market, staff had to relocate to a temporary location for 12 months, while a new built location would be ready for them. The project team had 6 weeks to get the new location fit for purpose, within 1 weekend available for the actual relocation. Additional complications included project team members in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth and a limited builder and furniture pool in Tasmania.

The detail lay in mapping out all activities ranging from Technology to Builders Works to Change, with multiple stakeholder all slotting in this project over their regular day jobs. In the end fitout works were complete on time to allow staff to move in and start a new week with working technology in a clean environment.

Success was staff satisfaction in the way the project team handled the most minute of details, be it mailer addresses or ergonomic chairs, Wi-Fi modems or air conditioning.


Project 02 was 28,000 acres. For a sense of scale that is about the same size as Disney World, as those who have braved the experience would know.

The project was set along 120 km of coastline on the Bay of Bengal as a vast mixed-use agglomeration including one major port. Other components included a shipyard, a regional airport, an energy park; specialised industrial parks/special economic zones, and a resort, all aiming to create direct employment for the residents of two councils.

At this scale there can be a sense of losing focus on details, but the details are still to be found, less so in the built forms, more so in comprehensive economic and spatial analysis that would drive planning.

Works completed include early economic feasibility with macroplanning, in collaboration with Aecom Asia Pacific. Project 02 remains unbuilt in their original form due to political changes but remains an enduring example of the depth of experience Cerulean brings, in keeping with its core values.



Crystal Clarity

Each project, irrespective of size involved a multitude of interconnected components, intricate tasks and complex coordination. Overlooking any key aspect would have significant consequences impacting the trifecta of cost, time and quality.

However, while these contrasting projects have wildly different scale and scope, purpose remains consistent. A client's aspirations, creation of the best ecosystem to drive change and finally stakeholder satisfaction.

At Cerulean we firmly believe that irrespective of the size of a project, our commitment to excellence should remain unwavering. Our goal is simple—delivering outcomes that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our deep experience and diverse perspectives give us a higher vantage point, from which we see everything more clearly. With clarity we map the best path forward, pre-empt what others can’t, and tease out greater possibilities.